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*Trading is preferably be conducted through MEET-UPs.
(The venue will be around north areas)
*Postage is an alternative but buyers will have to bear the postage fee.
*Items are non-refundable and non-exchangable after purchase.
*Prices are NEGOTIABLE if reasonable.
*No backing out.
*No dead-buyers.
*Items are sold on first come first serve basis.
*Contact details will be kept confidential.=]
*The colour of items may differ due to lighting effects.
*No swapping thanks unless im interested in your items.=)
*I expect PROMPT reply from buyers be it e-mails or sms even if you are no longer interested,thanks.


*ENQUIRIES/COMMENTS[Please leave your contacts when enquiring.ADS here=DELETED,thanks=)]


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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Grab any non priced item at $7 each!!

Others will have 20% discount off !!

2:15 AM

Saturday, November 29, 2008

S #1: Mango, Size MS#2: Mango, Size MS #3: TRF, Size M

S #4: Pepper Plus, Size SS #5: Iora, Free Size
S#6: Sense, Size SS#7 : Bossini, Size S(With Tag) S#8: Mango, Size SS#9: Free SizeS #10: Size S (With Tag)
S#11: Iora, Size S
S#12: U2, Size XSS #13Osmose, Size 4S #14: Gio Khakis Cropped Pants, Waist 24S#15: Giordano Cropped Pants, Waist 25S #16: Gio Khakis Cropped Pants, Waist 24* Pocket Design of S#16
S #17: Mango, Free Size (RED)
S #18: Mango, Size SS #19: Mango, Size SS #20: Iora, Size S {SOLD}S #21: Iora, Size MS #22: Mango, Size SS #23: Mango, Size SS#24: Mango, Size S
S #25: Iora, Size 7
S #26: Y and A, Size MS #27: Double Index, Size M*Back view of S #27
S #28: Pepper Plus, Size MS #29: Iora, Size S
*Sleeve Of S #29
S #30: Zara, Size M (Army green) S #31: Bega, Free SizeS #32: Denim Skirt, Size MS#33: Iora Crowl Neck Top, Size M (Dark Purple)S #34: Iora, Size SS #35: Giordano, Waist24

S #36: Size S (Brand New) S #37: Iora, Size SS #38:Mango, Size SS #39: Esprit, Size S

S #40: BYSI, Size S-M

S#41: Miss Selfridge, Size S

S #42: Sense, Size S-M

S #43: Zara, Size S

S #44: Sense, Size S-M

A #1: Topshop Moto Sport Tee, Size M, NOW @ $12 (Brand New)

A #2:Fox, Size P, NOW @ $11

A #3: Mango, Size S, NOW @ $11

A #4: Guess Authentic 3/4 Jeans, Size 24, {Quote Your Own Price)
A #5: Iora, Free Size, NOW @ $10A #6: American Eagle, Size XXL, NOW @ $20(Brand New With Tag){Greyish Green}
A #7: American Eagle, Size XXL, NOW @ $20(Brand New With Tag)
A #8: Future State, Size S, NOW @ $12 (With Tag) {SOLD} A #9: Sportsgirl jacket, Size S, NOW @ $13(With Tag) A #10: Romp, Size S, NOW @ $10A #11: Romp, Size S, NOW @ $11A #12: Authentic Warner Bros, Size Xs, NOW @ $12 (With Tag)
A #13: Molecule, Size 17, NOW @ $ 11
A #14: Mango, Size 36, NOW @ $12(Brand New)

A #15: Free Size, NOW @ $12 (Darker Green)A #16: MNG, Size M, NOW @ $12

A #17: MNG, Size S, NOW @ $13

A #18: Mlphosis, Size M, NOW @ $11 ( With Tag)
A #19: Osmose, Size S-M, NOW @ $11 (With Tag)
A #20: I.P Zone, Size L, NOW @ $14
A#21: MNG, Size S, NOW @ $12 (Pink Flowers)
A #22: Future State, Size S, NOW @ $11
A #23: Forever 21, Size S-M, NOW @ $12
A #24: Size M, NOW @ $12
A #25: MNG, Size S, NOW @ $13 (With Tag)
*Back view of A#25
A #26: Forever 21, Size M, NOW @ $13
A #27: Size S, NOW @ $11
A # 28: Double Index, Size S, NOW @ $10 {SOLD}
A #29: Iora, Size S, NOW @ $12 {SOLD}
A #30: Ftrhine, Size 25, NOW @ $12 {SOLD}
A #31: Future State, Size 25, NOW @ $13 {SOLD}
A #32: Iora, Size S, NOW @ $14

-The making of hair clips will only be done when order has been confirmed.
-The materials used are authentic Swarovski crystals and stones.
-The designing are all hand work.
-The prices differs due to the different price of the material used.
-The quality of the hair clip itself is good as it holds on tight to the hair, hence not slipping off easily.
-The designs are unique and so far not widely available!

#Item 1: Premade Swarovski Hair Clips, $16(Both on the left) $22(Far right)

#Item 2: Clear Blue Swarovski Crystals Chandelier Earrings, $25

#Item 3: Clear White Swarovski Crystals Chandelier Earrings, $30

#Item 4: Brown Beads Earrings, $6

#Item 5: Beads Earrings, $8

#Item 6:Limited Edition Authentic NIKE Shoes, {Quote Your Own Price} (Brand New)

1:49 AM